Write a play in another language (a real or made up one) and make it interesting for an English speaking audience.


God Damn it! Why do we get a tricky challenge for a Friday where I am at work all day, followed by rehearsals, which in turn will be followed by a large intake of alcohol (all of these thing are neccesities). So this is a cop out short and sweet submission.

I saw Hidden Figures last night (great film, would recommend), which featured a lot of maths and equations that did go over my head and felt like a whole other language to me. So I googled science equations and my play was farted out born.



Scene One

A bedroom

Lights up on Florence sat alone on her bed, with her laptop placed on the desk across from her. She looks over at her laptop and sighs.

She lies back on the bed and rolls a cigarette.


She finally wills herself to get up off the bed. She grabs a jumper and her bag and exits. She then returns a few seconds later and grabs her laptop.

Lights down

Scene Two

A lecture hall

Florence makes her way past the other students to take the last remaining sit in the middle of a row. She sets herself down and gets her laptop out.

The lecturer enters and brings up a Powerpoint Presentation. The first slide shows a series of overly complex equations.

Lecturer:       P equals…

In unison, all the students around Florence respond, whilst she looks at her laptop

Students:      MV

Florence:      Er- N- M.V?

She goes through her laptop again.

Oh. MV-

Lecturer:       F, Triangle T equals?

Florence grabs a book from her and quickly flicks through the pages.

Students:      Triangle P.

She looks up shocked.

Florence:      (Sheepishly) Triangle…P.

One of the students looks at her and smirks.

Lecturer:       W equ-

Students:      Equals F Triangle X.

Lecturer:       (Impressed) F Triangle X

Florence is still pouring through her book, the Lecturer glances at her. He clears his throat.


He clears it again and Florence looks up in embarrassment.


Florence:      Erm…

She looks back in her book, the Lecturer sighs.

Oh- F Triangle…Y-

Lecturer:       X!

Florence:      (Embarrassed) X

The students snigger around her.

The Lecturer then clicks at the first Student.

Lecturer:       W.

Student #1:  Equals triangle K plus triangle P E.

The Lecturer clicks at the next Student along.

Lecturer:       K.

Student #2:  Equals half m v squared.

The Lecturer moves along to the next Student.

Lecturer:       FG?

Florence gets more and more nervous, as she pours through her books as the Lecturer gets closer and closer.

Student #3:  Equals G multipled by small m one times big M 2 over small d to the power of 2.

The Lecturer reaches Florence, who is panic reading. He sighs and moves on to the next student.

Lecturer:       Pressure.

Student #4:  Equals F over A.

Florence looks up and realises she has been missed.

Florence:      Wha-?

The Lecturer throws a sharp glare at her way, which stops her in her tracks. He moves on to the next student along.

Lecturer:       FE.

Student #5:  FE…

Florence flicks through her book and then goes to her laptop.

Lecturer:       (With impatience) F…E

Student #5:  Equals…. k multiplied by big Q 1 times big Q 2 over—

Lecturer:       (With insistence) F… E


Student  #5: Er-

Lecturer:       F…E!

Florence:      Equals K… multiplied by little q 1 times little q 2 over d squared


The Lecturer checks his notes, then looks up to Florence and nods. He moves on to the next student along. Focus on Florence as she smiles and sits up in her seat, with a new found confidence.