Pick an artistic movement or an art form that is not applied to theatre yet, research it – and write a play in that style – whatever that may mean.


Is it cause it’s late, is it cause I went to the pub today? Either way I read the brief for todays challenge and I had no f**king idea what this challenge meant or what I had to do. I am one of the least arty people out there, so I got some advice from someone who knows more about art then me, and who could also make more sense of the brief for today.

This got me thinking about photography as an art form, and helped me come up with an interactive piece of theatre, based around the still image.

Audience participation required.


A Thousand Words

The following is an Interactive Experience that will require audience participation.

This piece can be set in and around a theatre, so long as each room as lighting and projection equipment.

Photo 1

The photograph of Muhammed Ali standing over Sonny Liston, who appeared to have thrown their 1965 bout, is projected on the screen. Lights come up and reveal the actors have created the above photo in a tableau. However there is no one portraying the parts of Ali or Liston. These spaces are to be filled by two members of the audience.

Once two audience members have volunteered themselves and taken their positions, the rest of the actors suddenly burst into action and bring the photo to life. This is the signal for the two participants to improvise what happens next following on from the image in the photo.

This can go on for however long the director sees fit, whether the scene comes to a natural end, of when the lights are brought down and the bell sounds.

Photo 2

The photograph of Lunch Atop a Skyscraper is projected onto the screen, and the lights come up to reveal a tableaux matching the image, with three people missing.

Audience members are invited on to the girder to fill in the missing places. Once they enter the image and complete the tableaux the actors then bring it to life, with the audience members participating in the Improv.

Photo 3

The same scenario above is played out, except everyone is dressed as Superheroes, with audience member taking on the roles of Batman and/or Superman.

Photo 4

The image of Steve Jobs presenting the Ipod is projected on screen. The lights come up to reveal an actor dressed as Steve Jobs holding out his hand, but it is empty. The audience are then invited to put something in “Steve’s” hands, which they will then have to perform a Steve Jobs style presentation around it. The more absurd the object the better.

Who says it has to be an object? Perhaps even a person, a concept? Anything.

Photo 5

An image of the Last Supper is projected onto the screen. When the lights come up, the actors reveal they are in a matching tableau, but with the part of Jesus missing. This is to be filled in by a member of the audience who, once they have taken their position, will be the signal for the tableaux to then come alive.

The actor in Jesus’ seat can choose to either attempt to portray Jesus, themselves, or another character.

Photo 6

A cave painting of two cave men fighting a Mammoth is projected onto the screen. Lights up reveal the actors portraying Cavemen, which means our volunteers are going to have to make themselves into the creature they are fighting. This is open to some fun interpretation as the volunteers can choose to either be a wild animal, or another creature/character entirely. For example, how would a Caveman fare if they came across the likes of a modern man, or figure from our time?