Write a play that is devoid of emotion.


After work on Friday I have a rehearsal to go to and no time to write a play, so this one was a cop out. I basically bashed out a boring 2 and a bit page dialouge. Still meets the criteria of the challenge though. There is no emotion, it conveys some form of drama, and features a kitchen sink (that’s what he meant by kitchen sink drama right?). Plus Sebastian said his “favourite” challenge is coming this weekend, which I am not looking forward to doing again….


Wake Up

Lights up – A kitchen.  Jason is sat at the table in slippers and a dressing gown eating a bowl of cereal and drinking a cup of tea. His laptop is open in front of him, and he aimlessly scrolls through it.

Enter Andrew wearing a black suit, whilst tying his tie. Without looking up from his screen, Jason slides another cup of tea across the table. Andrew sits down and takes his drink.

Jason:           You alright?

Andrew:        Yeah.

He gets out his phone and starts scrolling through it.

Jason:           What time you going?

Andrew:        Half Nine.

Jason:           Cool

A long pause

Andrew:        Thanks for the tea.

Jason:           S’alright.

Andrew:        How’s my tie?

Pause – Jason looks up.

Jason:           Yeah.

Andrew:        OK.

He gets up and puts his cup in the sink.

Jason:           You want some toast?

Andrew:        I’m not hungry…

Jason:           You should eat.

Andrew sits

Andrew:        I know.

Jason:           Is there gonna be food at this thing?

Andrew:        At the wake.

Jason:           Cool.

A long pause – Jason gets up and puts two pieces of toast in the toaster.

Andrew:        You got work today?

Jason:           No not today.

Andrew:        You gonna be in later?

Jason:           Yeah. How you getting there?

Andrew:        Bus.

Jason:           You want a lift?

The toast pops up.

Andrew:        I’ll get the bus there.

Jason:           OK.

A long pause – Jason gets up and butters the two slices of toast. He puts them each on separate plates and slides one across to Andrew, as he sits down.

Andrew:        Ta.


Jason:           Do you need picking up?

Andrew:        Maybe.

Jason:           Did you want food after?

Andrew:        I dunno. There is a buffet… and a bar.


Jason:           I’ll come pick you up.

Andrew stands up and takes his piece of toast.

Andrew:        See you later.

Jason:           See you later.

Andrew exits. Jason stares at his laptop and eats his toast.

Lights down