Use different forms of technology to create a Multimedia Experience


A few years ago I worked as a Writer and Editor for the Literary Inspired Webseries: From Mansfield With Love.  The show was a modern adaptation of the Jane Austen classic Mansfield Park, told in the style of Vlogs created by the lead character Frankie Price (Fanny from the books). Our show runner Kimberley James also turned the show into a Transmedia experience, with the characters in the show also having their own Twitter accounts.

I wanted to do something like this, but it would be difficult to find a way to get a play out of it. That’s when it suddenly hit me – Hamlet. One of the key scenes in the play is the play-wthin-a-play scene. So I chose to centre around that. Adapt Hamlet for the modern-day, with the lead story being told via Vlogs create from the lead character, and the play-within-the-play being produced and staged by him. Whilst the challenge was to create a Multimedia experience (with us being encouraged to use social media, youtube etc), as much as I would love to do that I do not have time to create several Youtube videos in a day. So instead I have written the scripts for the play-within-a-play, and the accompanying Vlogs that Hamlet would have made, as well as a behind the scenes Vlog from the theatre company performing Hamlet’s play – The Mousetrap

Many of the other characters, including Hamlet, would have their own Twitter accounts along with the Fake Buisness that used the be run by Hamlet’s father. However I was out with my sister all day, so did not have time to create them today.


In an incredibly abbreviated summary of my modern day retelling of Hamlet, his father ran a succesful company, but when he died his brother Claude took over the company and his wife. Hamlet himself is an Art Student, and believes his Uncle murdered his Father in order to take over the company and marriage. His obsession with this theory drives him to madness, and is chronicled via Vlogs that Hamlet makes, in order to try and expose his Uncle for the monster he is. This culminates in a short play, written by Hamlet called The Mousetrap, which he intends to expose his Uncle’s guilt by staging his Father’s murder and performing it in front of his Uncle.

The Play’s The Thing – Hamlet Vlog Script

Rehearsal Footage – Denmark Theatre Company VLOG Script

Opening Night – Hamlet VLOG Script

The Mousetrap – Written by Hamet (The Play-within-the-Play)

Audience Reactions – Hamlet VLOG Script