So last year I got myself involved in two shows. For anyone that knows me, they know how much I love acting. The chance to get on stage, get into the mindset of another character, and entertain audiences (Or for the less pretentious people, an adult version of playing dress up and make-believe) is one of my biggest passions. The first role of 2016 was as Toby, in The Chesil Theatre’s production of Amy’s View. Since this show, I joined the marketing team for the Chesil, set up and currently run their Instagram account, and I have recently been made webmaster for their website. All of that stemmed from one small role in the final scene of the show. Yet, believe it or not, the first time auditions were announced back in February 2016, I chose the “I can’t be bothered route,” overcome by my laziness. Despite my love for acting, my love for sitting around and doing nothing, which I had gotten used to after work, took over and I didn’t bother. Luckily for me, the part was never filled during the audition process and a casting call was announced on The Chesil’s website, which gave me a second chance to audition and luckily get cast, which in turn led to all these other great opportunities.

The second theatrical endeavour came from a friend of mine Rob, who last time I saw him, he was beating me up in a car park in Southampton… It was in a show, honest. (At least that’s what I told the Jury).


Yes you read that right, we performed a show in a car park. Shakespeare in the ‘Car’ Park!

I was invited to come audition for one of the two plays he was directing for the company YT2 Theatre and suggested I come along to audition. After my performance in Amy’s View, the acting bug was once again coursing through my veins and I was keen to get back on stage once again. So what happened when auditions roll around? “Meh, Can’t be arsed.” What the hell was wrong with me? When I was at University, I would audition for every show under the sun, I directed a show, assistant directed others, co-ran a weekly drama group, produced a showcase, joined a dance group even though I can’t dance, joined a glee club even though I can’t sing. All of this whilst supposedly doing a degree at the same time. Yet the thought of auditioning for one little play and I’m all “Nah mate, too tired!” I’m getting lazy in my old age (I’m 25 for God’s sake!)

tired lazy fight club
Default Position of Adult Life

Seeing as I had worked with Rob before, I thought I would do him the courtesy of saying I was a lazy bastard unable to make the audition. To which he then gave me another chance to audition at a different date. I kinda figured, seeing as an Olive branch was being handed my way, to take it and see what happens. Miraculously I got cast in the role of Johnny, and I’ve had an amazing time rehearsing and I cannot wait to release this show to the masses.

So, as with the majority of my blogs, what is the point here? Well I would never have been able to get involved in these shows had it not been for the luck of second chances. But if I wasn’t given a second chance, I realise just how much I would have missed out on. Not only would I have missed out on performing for two amazing shows, but I wouldn’t have gotten involved with two new theatre companies, I would miss out on all the opportunities that stemmed from these shows, I wouldn’t have met and worked alongside some talented cast and crew members, I wouldn’t have made new friends, or reconnected with old ones, I  wouldn’t have gained new skills, I essentially wouldn’t be where I am today. I would be worse off had I not been given these second chances. I got lucky, I got very lucky, but luck has a tendency to run out. Therefore my final New Years Resolution is to not rely on second chances anymore.

It’s so easy just to keep things the way they are. It’s easy to be lazy. It’s easy to be boring. It’s easy to stick to the status quo. It’s easy to tuck yourself in under the thick and comfortable duvet of routine and structure. But that is not what I want to do anymore. If something comes my way, that I want to do, that I can do, then I should just do it.

Image result for shia labeouf do it gif
Oh wait, I get it now!

Life’s too short to be boring and life’s too short to let things pass you by. Looking back, I feel that some of my passions, my hobbies, even my dreams, have been held back by a want to keep things safe and secure. Now I’m not saying that I’ll be shedding all of life responsibilities to run away and join the circus, I just feel that, a lot of the time, to only thing stopping me from doing what I want to do, is myself.

For example, in my previous blog I stated how I wanted to watch more films, mainly good ones, as last year my cinema experiences were mostly an absolute pile of wank I mean Jesus Christ, this dickheads get paid hundreds of millions and this is the piece of shit they give us? Fuck me not very good

Image result for jared leto joker
How did this get here again?

“You don’t need to go with someone to sit in silence and watch a movie! Don’t miss that film you are keen to see just because you’re on your own.” 

This quote from fellow blogger Jo Fisher was the point of inspiration for me earlier today, when I was walking past my local multiplex (A mere 15 minute walk from my house, why have I not done this before?). With this being awards season, there are so many new films coming out that I want to see, and not enough time to see them. I’ve been harping on about seeing Natalie Portman’s new film Jackie all week, so I figured, why miss out on this opportunity, and I went to the cinema on my own for the first time… Unless you count that time last year when my mate had to run out Jason Bourne half way through the film because he was going to be sick (I should have joined him, because that film sucked). Granted this may not been any massive feat, seeing as I know many people who go to the cinema on their own (They somehow end up seeing more films than me, how mad is that?), but it’s all part of my New Years resolutions. Like I said, I’m not joining the circus or anything… but it is only January so…who knows what will happen?

circus rope tight
Hopefully not this.

So there you have it. Life’s too short to pass on opportunities, and life isn’t lucky enough to always throw you an “are you sure?” to bring you around to the correct way of thinking. I’ve been known to play it safe, stick to the status quo, but if something comes along that is fun, exciting, new adventurous, and has the potential to change your life for the better, why pass it up? Second chances don’t come around all that often, but you need to live life in a way that you don’t need them anyway.

Dave Parker