Well, it’s been 2017 for a week now, is everything fixed yet?

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Seems alright to me.

It was interesting watching social media as 2016 began to draw to a close. There were many-a Facebook posts about how awful this year has been (and rightly s0), but in amongst them there were a few people with statuses along the lines of ‘hey, this year hasn’t actually been that bad for me’ (those bastards), and then as is always the case with anything splayed out on social media, the smug ones come out of the woodwork.

Now, aside from all the turmoil, death and political unrest going on in the world, 2016 for me personally was a pretty rough year (A massive understatement, but I won’t bore you all with frivolities of my personal life). Whilst I like to keep personal things close to my chest, I can understand why others would wish to take to the medium to express what a cack-handed piece of shitstorn year that 2016 has been. But where there are people complaining on social media, you can always count on the counter arugments from those smug bastards, mounting their high horses and charging onto the battlefields of Facebook, ready to act the part of some high amd mighty smug git. You know who I mean, they’re the same people who shared the “Facebook is about to become the House of Commons” memes when people used Facebook to express their upset over Facebook (heaven forbid us young people take an acitive interest in politics), and they’re the same people who, upon seeing some poor soul on Facebook expressing their distaste over the past 12 months, share crap such as this:

Caught Fucking, Memes, and The Worst: "2016 has been the worst year ever"  Pretty sure 1665 was worse when  everyone caught fucking plague and  died

Yeah, so whilst your crying about some dead celebrity, or about the horrors going on in America, the shambolic state of our political system, or the constant rise of terrorism and extremists killing innocent people for no rhyme or reason, just think about 1665 and where everyone died! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Yeah, these memes are stupid as hell. Yes I’m sure 1665 was a horrible year, I’m not doubting that, I mean everyone got the plague. What I take issue with are the smug lords on social media trying to belittle how shit 2016 was for some people. Saying to them “at least no one got the plague” isn’t exactly going to fix everything is it? Also, imagine for a second that Social Media exisited in 1665, you can bet your bottom dollar that us Brits would be taking to Social Media, rightly so, to complain about how 1665 is the worst year of all time. And you can also bet that you would be getting those smug bastards saying “1665 was the worst year ever… Pretty sure 1350 was worse when the Black Death wiped out most of Europe and everyone died.”

But imagine that Social Media exisited in 1350, when the Black Death began. We had never seen anything like this, on such a huge scale. You can get your bottom dollar that people would be taking to their woodcarved keyboards to rightly complain about how 1346 is the worst year of all time. And you can also bet that you would also get those smug bastards saying “1350 was the worst year ever…Pretty sure the year 79 was worse, where a volanco erupted in Pomepii and everyone died

But I tell you, if Social Media was somehow a thing in the year 79, you can bet the same thing would happen, with the smug means still rolling out their memes of “79 was the worst year…Pretty sure the year 43 was worse, where the Romans invaded and everyone died.”

But why stop there? “43 was the worst year ever…Pretty sure the year 27 was worse when Jesus was crucified and everyone died.”

“27 was the worst year ever…Pretty sure the year 0 was worse, where Jesus was born and everyone died.” (I’m all for balance on this blog)

And so on until…

“1,800,000 was the worst year ever…Pretty sure the year 65,000,000 BC was worse when the Dinosaurs got hit by a metoer, became extinct…and EVERYONE DIED!”

What was I saying again?

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Basically my point is, that 2016 was pretty shit (Well duh). Was it the worst year of ALL TIME? No I’m sure it wasn’t, but for some it was probably one of the worst of their lifetime, and if they want to complain about it, then who’s to stop them? You don’t know how each individuals personal year has been. We all have demons we must face in life, and for some, maybe those demons were more prevelant and/or predominant in 2016.

So what next?

Despite all of our drunken hopes and dreams, whilst we were spending the last few seconds of that shit hole year blind drunk, trying to forget the pass 12 monts, it’s unlikely that changing a 16 to a 17 is going to magically make the next 12 months any better. So what can you do? Well, the clue is in the sentence. What can you do? That’s what I have been asking myself. After what happened to me last year, what can I do to make this year better? No one is going to fix this year for me, no one is going to step in and wave a magic wand and suddenly “Wow, 2017 is the BEST YEAR EVA!” I have to step up – We have to step up and do what we can to try and make 2017 a bearable year for us all.

To be fair to 2016, there was a lot of good things that happened, to me and to the world as a whole, it’s just hard to see them through a thick wall of shit. So I have started a new series of blogs entitled 365 Good Things. Every day I will write at least one good thing that has happened on that day. So then, even if 2017 actually does turn out to be worse than its predeccesor, I will have 365 positives to look back on. I urge you all to do the same, whether it be in blog format, in a book, on post it notes, or on Instagram as many people have already started.

I urge you readers to do the same. I know we’re already a week into this year, but that’s no excuse to not start up a list like man. Do it as a blog, do it as a series of statues, tweets, write it in a book, post it notes, notes in a bottle, photos on Instagram – It doesn’t matter, I just urge you to join me in recording 365 good things that happen this year. That way, even if 2017 turns out to be worse than 2016 by bringing about the apocolypse or something, we will at least have something positive to look back on, to help us realise that the year was not all without hope and there was some good. To be fair to 2016, it wasn’t all bad, there were a lot of good things that happened last year. It’s just hard to see them through the thick wall of shit. At least this way, we might be able to see a bit clearer. So let’s do this, because at times like this we need to stick together and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to make 2017 a somewhat decent, or maybe even a great year.

Who’s with me?

If not, bring on the Apocolypse!

On second thoughts…

Happy New Year.