Its funny the feeling I get at 11.02 on the 11th November.

For two whole minutes, it feels as if someone has pressed mute and the entire country has come to a standstill. For those two minutes we are left alone in silence, but we have never been more connected as a whole, as we take the time to sit, reflect and remember those who have lost their lives, so we can live ours.

War is a horrible thing, and regardless of your opinions on the subject, it doesn’t take away from the fact that brave men and women are made to fight in them and serve their country, and they do it for you. For two minutes all the politics and issues plaguing this subject are totally insignificant as we devote this time to the ones we have sadly lost, whether they are friends, family, or those we sadly never had the chance to meet.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, a lot of it incites anger, fear, unrest, and we all have our own issues and problems that we sadly must confront. But for those two minutes, none of it matters, it all evaporates from your mind. For two minutes, the entire country is unified in individual moments of tranquil remembrance.

Suddenly an alarm rings, a trumpet sounds, or a bell tolls! The time is up and the world suddenly continues to spin as if we scene skipped from two minutes ago. That’s why I always feel odd at 11.02, because of how quickly the country snaps back into life, and how suddenly the volume jumps to almost ear piercing levels. It’s amazing how quickly the transition from silence straight back into the hustle of a normal working day occurs.

For those two minutes though, it’s a time that feels it could last an eternity. It’s a real-time to sit back and appreciate the life we have, the world we live in, and honour those who fought for us to enjoy it.

That’s why I wear a poppy, to show my remembrance. Although after having to endure the same struggle to attach a new paper poppy to my coat, never failing to prick myself with the oxymoronic safety pin, or losing said poppy whenever my body moves but an inch, I have resorted to a poppy badge instead. However the symbol stands and the same meaning still applies.

And although every year we get the same song and dance from whiners who blast the poppy, attempting to undermine its significance on Facebook, I could not care less. Wear one, don’t wear one. I’m proud to wear my poppy this time of year and that is all that matters to me.