This post was originally written on Sunday 16th October at about 1 in the morning.

Achievement unlocked – Get to the beach before midday!

We made it to the beach again, though our long awaited snorkel session gave us views of underwater sand (wooo) due to a choppy and murky sea today. Also I must confess we cheated on our hotel today. It was just a fling, it meant nothing. It was just swimming, there was no love there. This hotel couldn’t do the things the Rocamarina did for us. I was weak, I’m sorry it will never happen again…until tomorrow probably. Basically the hotel down the road from ours, more commercial in its style, does sport a bigger beach and a larger cove which means a greater sized ocean pool for us to wish away the hours of the day. However the sea was not as welcoming as we had hoped, so our snorkeling endeavours have been put off for smother day. Plus my goggles broke (punishment for trying to save money and buy cheap.and crappy 3 euro ones).

We took in our second dinner and a show event of the week, this time complete with a P-O-S-H posh four course meal, with a bottle and glass of cava thrown in for good measure, all whilst taking in the Fusion show at Son Amar.


This was a variety show in every sense lf the word. You want lazers? This show had them! You want bare chested men doing river dance upside down? This is the show for you! You want an Abba Medley, followed by a Queen Tribute eith bicycles, followed by a Michael Jackson tribute with every regeneration of the king of pop on stage? Pfft, this show can do it in its sleep. Neon butterflies, a multi-lingual ventriloquist, it has everything put the kitchen sink- but instead have a two horse dance off!


This was a beyond stunning show, which literally had something for everyone. The food was excellent, the wine was flowing, and the performaces were the icing on the already delicious cake.

I wish I could write more about today, however today is technically tomorrow, as a late finish brings us back to the hotel for 1am. No rest for the wicked however as following on from this we foolishly booked ourselves on to another island excursion, meaning we will have to be up, fed and ready to go for an 8.20 pick up.

I guess sleeping on the coach it is.