This post was originally written on Friday 14th October

“Hello naughty liver, it’s murder time!” 

Our brilliantly laid out plans to get up early, go for a swim, go into town, buy some snorkling gear, go swimming in the sea before lunch all went out the window as soon as hit the sun loungers by the pool and then “How is it now 3pm?”

But then, what’s the point of spending nearly £500 each to stay in a 4 star resort, if you’re not going to make the most of it outside of the designated eating and sleeping times?

We managed to grab two perfectly placed sun loungers and managed to soak up 5 minutes of precious sun before “shoomp!” Up comes the parasol next to me, thus shrouding all but my feet into darkness. Still, least I will have a pair of sexy tanned Hobbit feet, check me out ladies! Honestly, what is the point of picking a sun lounger, out of the shade, if you’re going to shove up your parasol and lie in the shade? You may as well just lie on the rug in your hotel room!

Thankfully the earth rotated in my favour, for the sun to peak out and cook me like a rotiserary chicken. It also seems the earths rotation has the power to travel through time, as I closed my eyes and when they were open it was lunch! And by lunch, I do of course mean, a poolside pint. My liver is going to hate me by the end of this week.

Our plan to get up and do something became less and less llikely with every passing hour and fleeting question of “so what’s the plan then?” But honestly, I could not care less that we did nothing aside from roast, eat and drink. My favourite argument of “I’m on holiday,” has been used to justify everything, and rightly so, as sadly in a few days that argument will soon lose all bearings… Suppose I better make the most of it.

Our today plans have turned into tomorrow plans, to be then followed by our second dinner and a show event: Son Amar. Bring on the weekend.